Three Things You Need to Know about Golf Outings

1. Reasons to Have a Golf Outing
Things at work are getting a little too humdrum and routine.
Because your already sizzling class reunion needs a little more pizzazz.
A bachelor party weekend needs another fun experience especially one that is outside.
You want to spend quality time with your favorite cousins during the family reunion.
Because your favorite local charity needs help raising some much needed funds.
The annual neighborhood block party wants to change it up a bit.
Also, there’s always the possibility of meeting that certain special someone at a golf outing.

2. Necessary Skill Set to Run a Golf Outing
You need a vast knowledge of the game of golf — or none at all.
Experience in organization, marketing, social media, food & beverage plus bookkeeping skills — or not.
A horde of die hard golfers who have played numerous rounds of golf in their lives — or none.
All you really need is a vision and Elmbrook will help make it come true. Whether it’s for 8 golfers or 108, a major fundraiser or just a fun afternoon with friends, neighbors or coworkers, we will handle all the details, so you can play, and actually enjoy the day.

3.How To Get Started

Call Cindy Johnson at Elmbrook
231-946-9180 or 231-392-9379.
Really, that’s it! We’ll take it from there.