Greg Lewis, Teaching Professional
Elmbrook Golf Club
(231) 632-2135

2018 No Embarrassment Golf School Session #2

Greg started to play golf at a young age and initially learned the game from his father, Robert O. Lewis M.D.

He went on to have a successful high school and college playing career. He was a past NCAA All-American and a U.S. Amateur Qualifier. He was a competitive amateur player in local & state tournaments and a club champion at two golf clubs.

Greg has been teaching professionally for over 20 years. He began his teaching career at St. Andrews Golf Club in West Chicago, Illinois and moved to Traverse City in 2004. He received advanced training at various Golf Digest Instruction Schools and was able to work with several top teachers in the country.

Greg approaches his instruction from a player’s perspective. He focuses on the swing fundamentals. The teaching is geared to the player: from beginners to par shooters. He emphasizes the areas that will most dramatically improve golfers’ ability to score, along with increasing their enjoyment of the game.

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